Junior Platinum Supercar Choice

A multitude of revving engines all around – that’s the ultimate in kids’ driving for you! Let us introduce you to the Platinum driving experience for your little fans of all things supercar. These session give them the chance to get behind the wheel of one or two fancy cars even though they’re not even old enough to apply for a licence let alone actually drive officially.

Whilst the thought of being behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s worth thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pounds is daunting all the modern gizmos and gadgets you get on a high-spec sports car means that it is actually child’s play to drive one of these things. Most of the luxury car brands now offer double clutch paddle shift gearboxes as standard which means they are automatic – albeit super powerful ones so there’ll be no sluggish take offs round here!

As well as those onboard driving systems there’s another secret weapon – the instructor driver. They will be in the front passenger of the car the whole time the kids are driving ready to intervene if necessary but mainly to tutor your little ones in the fine art of driving a very expensive car around a track at speed. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it but it is indeed true.

All that remains for your car-mad teenager to do is make their choice or choices of car and actually that might be the hardest part of this experience. Each and every car on offer is like a gleaming metal artwork and ultimately they are all great fun to drive so kids won’t be disappointed whichever they end up driving. And if they do happen to have a favourite marque of car there’s sure to be one in this formidable fleet.

Be it Audi Ferrari Lamborghini or McLaren this is surely the ultimate kids driving session offered at some of the country’s finest tracks including circuits used for professional race meets. These Platinum sessions will give children a real flavour of what it’s like to actually own one of these amazing motors – and all without the need for a licence as they are well away from the public roads!

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Junior Platinum Supercar Choice
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