Junior Quadbiking North Yorkshire

Do you want to give your kids an unforgettable experience? Well Into The Blue is offering you that chance. This superb venue in North Yorkshire is the perfect location for thrill seeking youngsters aged between twelve and 16 years old to try their hand at riding on a quad bike.

The exciting course is run by expertly trained drivers who will keep a watchful eye over your youngster as they hit the beaten path in groups of a maximum of four riders. The idea is to offer fun and safe quad biking that is also geared to the enthusiasm of the young driver.

After a warm welcome from our experienced team each hour long junior quad biking session will begin with a full safety briefing. Then it’s time to kit the kids out in all the necessary gear (all provided on site) from helmets goggles and body armour to the all important child-friendly quads.

The bikes have been specially chosen for kids as they are fully automatic with either 50cc or 90cc engines. These great little all terrain machines allow for plenty of power and acceleration but mainly some serious excitement for the young ones!

The group of young riders will then be led up hill and down dale on a cross country trek. Those speed junkies who handle the quad bike well could find themselves going over bigger bumps through deeper water splashes across even muddier terrain as they tear through the countryside.

This fantastic day out would make a perfect gift for any teen and is an ideal event for an adrenaline fuelled birthday party filled with driving delight. So do you think your little quad biking devil is up for the challenge?

Find out more and book your place today!

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Junior Quadbiking North Yorkshire
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