Junior Quads Birmingham

Let those tearaway teens channel their energy on these junior quads in Birmingham! Kids are most welcome at this fab quad biking venue that has a fleet of Kymco 90cc youth sport quads ready and waiting to be ridden by your little monsters!

Basecamp for this hour-long kids quad biking session is in the middle of ancient woodland just 15 minutes from Birmingham city centre. It’s a proper outdoor adventure centre so the children won’t just be pootling around a farm or getting bored in a field in first gear. These junior treks will see them following the criss-crossing tracks and trails though acres and acres of woods. In fact there are around 200 acres to explore!

Some of the terrain is technically pretty challenging too with man-made features like plank bridges combined with plenty of natural obstacles like water splashes formed by crossing the brooks that run through the woods. The kids will find their Kymco Mongoose quads cope with all that mud and water admirably – they’re powerful and agile little machines that are great fun to ride.

They’re also really easy to control. These quads are fully automatic so there’s no clutch and not even any gears to think about. It’s just a thumb throttle and front and rear brake levers on the handlebar. Even the starter is fully electric after you’ve turned the ignition on with the key. The Kymco 90 really is child’s play!

And play they will. From the moment your teenage trekkers leave the basecamp with an instructor out in front leading the pack it’s quad biking fun for the kids all the way here in Birmingham. These are well-trodden routes so the hard packed peaty soil is pretty rutted in places making in a brilliantly bumpy ride. As you twist and turn in amongst the trees and the rhododendrons watch out for those overhanging branches make sure you steer around that sharp corner and get ready for that splash through those murky waters!

With the latest Kymco all terrain vehicles on offer this junior quad biking near Birmingham is sure to be a hit with any child who wants to ride the tracks and trails. What’s more this centre between Tamworth and Birmingham city also offers adult quad treks on 150cc Kymcos so you can make it a family affair!

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Junior Quads Birmingham
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