Junior Quads West London

If you want to get the kids quad biking near London this specialist off road centre at Northolt is the perfect choice! Renowned for excellent tuition and a challenging course layout the kids will just adore the chance to go quad biking in the wild yet so close to London.

Just minutes from the A40 Westway between Uxbridge and Watford in London you’ll find this kids quad biking venue. It’s a little corner of paradise for all-action children who want to have a blast on a quad bike. And actually it’s not that little at all. In the hour of riding action your little quadders won’t cover the same track twice. This is a full-on circuit filled with challenges.

These quad experiences are aimed specifically at kids aged between 12 and 16 years. All teens will be kitted out in the proper quad biking gear ready for their foray into the crazy terrain of this Northolt centre near London. The quad bikes the kids will be riding are modern 150cc models that are fully automatic making them easy for everyone to ride.

One of the marshals will help get each young riders settled on the bike explaining the simple handlebar controls and doing a ‘start/stop’ test to make sure all youngsters have captured the basics. Then there’s a quick stint around the coned out slalom course in the scrubland. Once the kids have shown they can steer with ease it’s time for the the trek proper where they’ll leave London life behind and head into the deep undergrowth…

With an experienced instructor out front it’s a case of follow the leader as this junior rider group works its way through the sectors of the course. It starts gently enough with some wider tracks a bit of mud and some sweeping turns. As confidence builds so does the gradient with some excellent steep ‘throttle off’ drops to then power up to climb the other side again. Brilliant fun.

Keen teens will love the tricky trails where the path is only just wide enough for the quad to squeeze through. Then there are moments where they’ll be ducking from overhanging branches whilst weaving through the wooded areas. Who’d have thought taking the kids quad biking near London could be so exciting? Bring on the grassy hills and muddy puddles!

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