Junior Race Car Experience

Mini racers get ready to go on a brilliant junior race car experience! Aimed purely at car-mad kids this racing car session gives little ones the chance to drive a Porsche race car around a track. What’s more we’ve got venues around the UK so you won’t have to drive far for your little darlings to have some junior track day fun.

The Porsche Boxster Martini racing car is a fab little roadster sports car. It’s a proper two seater and rear wheel drive too so it can be a little bit cheeky on the corners making it great fun to drive. And with its resplendent Martini race stripes this Porsche really looks the business out on the circuit. Porsche and Martini had a long history with car racing with the Martini Porsches winning the famous Le Mans 24hrs race three times.

Whilst there’s no actual head-to-head racing on these junior sessions the car will be a one very racy Boxster. That’s to say a fancy paint job racing driver seats with harness and upgraded bits and bobs all over the car. As if the Boxster wasn’t nippy enough already this ’S’ version with that racing styling and 3.4l engine make it a veritable pocket rocket and kids just love it.

The only requirements are that your miniature motorists are at minimum 10 years old and at least 4ft 5” tall for the pedals. Of course no driving licence is needed for this junior race car day as they all take place away from the perilous public roads on private tracks. No previous driving experience is necessary either as the cars are all dual-controlled with engine kills switches so the instructor remains in control of the car at all times.

That’s not to say the teens won’t be driving the car themselves. Most children soon get the hang of it and start motoring round the track in their funky Boxster faster than you can say ‘well done darling’. That leaves you to watch proudly as they whizz right past a grin akin to that of a Cheshire cat on their faces.

If you know a youngster who’d love to drive a junior race car like this impressive little Martini Porsche have a browse through the venues offered to see which is nearest to you. Then all you have to do is decide whether you’re going to let them loose for three or six thrilling laps.

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