Junior Rally Driving in Leicestershire

Youngsters will love this fantastic Rally Driving For Kids in Leicestershire! Imagine your innocent little angel behind the wheel of an authentic Group N Rally Car whizzing around the track in Loughborough like a proper young rally driver  – and being suitable for all kids aged from 11 to 17 years old junior is guaranteed to be in driving heaven Leicestershire style.

Conveniently situated between Nottingham and Leicester kids rally driving takes place at this driving centre at the Prestwold Hall Estate on the edge of Leicestershire. Formerly an RAF training unit the long tarmac runway has been remodelled and adapted (including laying a professional standard surface) to create an exciting 1.8 mile long main circuit. Prestwold also features two rally stages (tarmac and gravel) and an impressive track for off road vehicles too.

Rallying dates from the late 1800’s when back in the day this exciting form of driving would have been done on the public roads of Leicestershire (and was certainly a case of no kids allowed!). As speeds of motor cars increased over the years purpose built tracks were built often combining gravel and asphalt surfaces to test the competences of the driver to the maximum struggling to find the grip in the tyres. Skills such as handbrake turns and hill jumps are used to manoeuvre around the ever increasing challenging tracks – and our Leicestershire venue boasts all of these.

This special kids’ rally driving in Loughborough starts with a welcome and safety brief the budding junior rally day champs in Leicestershire will then be introduced to the rally car complete with racing harnesses and roll cage before taking to the track for a session where they can understand gear changing brakes and steering on loose surfaces. A personalised rally driving certificate will be presented as a momentum to each fledgling rally driver on completion of this session in Leicestershire.

It only takes one word to sum up rally driving for kids in Leicestershire…awesome! When you see them smiling ear to ear as they step out of the car we think you will agree. In fact Prestwold Driving Centre in Leicestershire really is the perfect location for this junior rally drive with a combination of excellent on site facilities and superb teaching from qualified instructors who are experts in kids’ rally driving experiences. Mum’s and Dad’s why not have a go yourself – Rally driving from £79!

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Junior Rally Driving in Leicestershire
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