Junior Skyline

Turn the ignition on rev those engines and get those tyres smoking’ – this is Fast and Furious for kids! This junior Skyline drive is a dream come true for young fans of the highly successful street racing film franchise so fasten that seatbelt it’s time to see what the R34 GT-R can do kids!

The Skyline has been going since way before your little driving devils were born. In fact most parents weren’t even born either when the (as it was then called) Prince Skyline rolled off the production line way back in 1957. As the Japanese marque celebrated its 50th anniversary of the Skyline in 2007 the popularity of this superb car hasn’t changed – it’s adored by petrol heads both young and old.

It has to be said any Nissan Skyline is special but this kids’ version uses a very particular model. Young action film fans will instantly recognise this GT-R as being just like the one hero Brian O’Connor drove in ‘2 fast 2 Furious’ the second instalment of the famous movie franchise that firmly puts street racing in the spotlight.

Of course it’s not the actual car he drove (although apparently there are four of the 25 built/adapted and used in the film still around) but your car-mad teens will appreciate it’s a seriously good copy. What’s more this car will shift just as O’Connors did on screen. The kids might not be getting any air as his did when it jumped the bridge but there is ample opportunity to test out that power and handling.

As your children probably already know Nissan has a very fine all-wheel drive car in the Skyline. With a 2.6l twin turbocharged engine the GT-R version of the R34 is pretty hot to handle so it will be a challenge (but one they will relish) for any youngster to tame this beast out on the circuit.

Parents need not worry though as your babies will be under the watchful eye of a fully qualified instructor at all times and even though the car is way more powerful than your average hatchback there’s no need to worry about the speed and handling your enthusiastic teens will be kept under control in the GT-R.

And don’t forget this experience is specifically for those not old enough to drive so as long as your teenagers fit the criteria of being at least 10 years old and 135cm tall they can gear themselves up for the drive of their life in this bright silver and blue Nissan Skyline and discover their own Fast and Furious just for kids!

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Junior Skyline
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