Junior Supercar Blast

Get ready for the junior supercar blast – where kids get the chance to drive some seriously fabulous cars! Teens will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on these experiences. They’ll get to drive one two or three supercars at their choice of equally superb track from several in the UK.

There are only two rules to abide by when joining the junior supercar blast club. Keen teens need to be aged between 10 and 16 years old and be at least 4ft10” and tall. To be precise you can drive a Ferrari at 4ft 10” whilst for the other cars your mini drivers will need to be at least 5ft tall but in essence there’s car for everyone!

We are offering vouchers for miniature motor fans to drive one two or three of the supercars lined up for these junior sessions. And what a line-up it is. All the faves are there with Ferraris Astons Lambos Porsches and Audis all featuring. Lots of horsepower lots of style and that head-turning engine sound to boot. Pretty cool eh?

As a parent you might be wondering how on earth a child can drive a swanky car like an Aston. The answer is simple. All the supercars used are dual-controlled so the expert instructor sitting beside your youngster in the front passenger seat has ultimate control over the vehicle. Of course the teens very much get to actually drive themselves but that fail-safe is always reassuringly there.

What makes these sessions special is the location. We’ve got a roster of venues around the UK all of which will be instantly recognisable to any car-mad kid. We have proving grounds airfield circuits famous race tracks and -most importantly- all of them are on private land so driving there without a licence is not a problem.

With special circuits being set up at each venue you know your kids can have fun behind the wheel of their favourite fancy car in a safe controlled environment. And even if technically they ‘can’t drive’ it has often been said that the youngsters put the seniors to shame with their driving skills on these junior supercar blasts! 

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