Junior Supercar Choice Test Drive

Book your little one on a junior test drive and watch proudly from the sidelines as they whizz past in a fancy supercar! These great value experiences for kids are available at a whole host of different tracks around the UK throughout the year.

The line up of cars is pretty impressive too. Which vehicles appear at each of the venues may vary but in essence they are all seriously cool motors and there’s bound to be at least one dream drive that your junior petrolhead will have always hankered after driving.

So let’s name names. Revving up their V8s to the red line will be Ferraris Porsches Audis Nissans Lamborghinis Astons a Jag a Maserati and even a Chevrolet. With a resplendent showing of car models from manufacturers around Europe Japan and even the US of A there really is something for every junior driver to test their racing skills.

You might be wondering how a youngster who has never driven before will be able to handle a powerful supercar around a track. Well the answer is pretty simple – they are all dual control so the expert instructor will be keeping their toes on the pedals to assist where needed. There’s also the advantage that many modern sports car have state of the art paddle shift or fully automatic transmission so the days of heavy clutch work are gone making changing gear a breeze.

If you want to add an extra dimension to these experiences go for the high speed junior passenger ride add on giving the little dare devils a spin in a fabulous Lotus Elise driven to the absolute max by a pro driver.

The only requirement on these speedy little test drives is that your mini drivers are at least 5ft tall and 12 years or older but without a full driving licence. After that you just need to decide whether to go for the three mile blast or the extended six lap thrill experience. There’s no need to pick the venue or the car on buying your voucher the kids can do that when they book their track time with the supplier.

One last thing we love about these junior test drives is that they are offered on weekends and on weekdays during the school holidays making for perfect timing if you’re looking for a special treat out of the school term dates. So whether these experiences are to reward them for exam success for a special birthday present or a very generous gift from Santa we think the kids will adore these super car test drive days.

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