Junior Supercar Choice

This is your junior supercar choice calling! We’ve got a serious line up of heavy-weight sporting and racing cars for your mini drivers’ delight. Taking place at a choice of tracks around the UK with weekend and weekday dates on offer throughout the year it’s the perfect way to celebrate a birthday – and all before they can legally drive!

To be able to take part in these track days for kids your little ones just have to be aged between 10 and 17 years and be a minimum of 4ft 5” tall (or 135cm for metric Mums and Dads out there!). No previous driving experience is necessary. Make no mistake your kids will be driving real cars on a real track – the only difference is that they’re dual-controlled and/or with engine cut-offs so the instructor has overriding control if necessary.

Just imagine the look on their little face when you rock up to the race track and they realise why they are there. A huge grin is pretty much par for the course when youngsters are told they will be driving the car (or cars) of their choice around a real track. Now that’s what you call a good day out!

Highly experienced instructors will be in the passenger seats. They’ll welcome your little driver and host the supercar driving session. They all have oodles of patience and are excellent at making teens feel at ease. The aim is to help all the young supercar drivers lap up the pure pleasure of being a teen in the driving seat of a very fancy car and get the very best out of their time out on the circuit.

And there are a lot of fancy cars in the fleet for these junior supercar drives. They’ve got the choice of movie car lookalikes racing cars and thoroughbred head-turning supercars too. With everything from V8 American muscle cars to super light British roadsters there’s bound to be something to please every adolescent petrolhead.

We are offering junior supercar choice vouchers for one two or three car drives. Each drive gives the lucky teens three miles at the wheel of the car. There’s a wide choice of tracks to pick from too. So in essence if you know a young boy or girl who loves cars these super-flexible vouchers are a superb choice to get them in the driving seat of some very swish motors!

Find out more and book your place today!