Junior Supercar Experience Edinburgh

Junior supercar driving in Edinburgh – the best present you could possibly buy for car-mad teens! We are offering one or two car drives for any teenager who’s keen to get behind the wheel at this superb little circuit near Edinburgh.

To qualify for this experience there’s just one requirement – that you’re aged between 12 and 16 years. So if you’re in your teens you’re in for supercar driving in Edinburgh. And when we say supercars we really do mean the ultimate in supercars. Just take a look at the line up. It reads like a who’s who of supercars.

All the big names are there. From the Italian flair of Ferrari and Lamborghini and the technical brilliance of Audi and Porsche to the beauty of Aston and the sheer power of the Nissan we reckon there’s a car or cars you’d love to drive within that wee lot!

We have vouchers for youngsters to drive either one or two cars. You get to choose which you’d like to take for a spin and you get around 15-minutes behind the wheel of each car. Of course you won’t be on your own out there as all drives are accompanied by an instructor who’ll be sitting alongside you in the front passenger seat.

You’ve heard all about the cars so now you might be wondering where you get to drive them? Well that’s the beauty of Ingliston. There’s a dedicated Teen Track just for you. It’s not as gnarly as the main circuit and there’s less traffic so you can concentrate on actually driving these superstar cars. And what’s more it’s got a nice smooth tarmac surface so the cars will handle really well and glide gracefully.

We think these junior supercar driving days in Edinburgh are fab. They’re just for teens but you’ll be driving in proper actual supercars – and all that without an ‘L’ plate in sight! So go on start nagging the ones with the money to buy this as your next birthday present!

Find out more and book your place today!