Junior Supercar Taster

Let your car-mad little ones savour the flavour of this kids supercar taster! An impressive line up of flash cars fully qualified instructors and venues means this is a mighty fine introduction to supercars for youngsters. The kids will love it – and you’re all invited to watch too!

And when it comes to the sort of cars offered on these experiences the children are spoilt for choice. Supercars galore famous ‘movie car’ lookalikes abound and even a rally car might be up for grabs for your mini motorists chomping at the bit to get behind the wheel of some of their fave cars ever.

The instructors who take the kids out in the supercars are all highly qualified and experienced drivers. They’re also really patient and work with the little ones to make sure they make the most of their time in the car. Vehicles are all dual-controlled so it’s super safe out there and slots on the track will be dedicated to these children’s supercar experiences.

Our vouchers allow you to buy a one two or three supercar driving experience for the kids. You can also treat them to a hot lap in a flash high-performance saloon car as an add-on to all of the experiences. We think these are a great way to round off their day with a flourish as it gives the kids a thrilling and very high speed introduction to the world of supercars.

These kids supercar tasters are the stuff of dreams for youngsters. We’d hazard a guess that some of the cars featured might very well be posters on their bedroom walls or much-loved miniatures models they’ve collected. These experiences make the world of supercars totally real for children – and don’t forget they’ll be the ones driving!

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