Junior Toyota Supra Driving

Get ready for the revs with Fast and Furious for kids! Who cares if you’re not actually old enough to have a licence and legally drive this is all about ‘street racing’ on a private circuit. It’s legal and it’s great fun but it’s just for juniors!

Of course technically the film franchise is rated 12 or 14 years but who hasn’t heard of the antics of Brian O’Conner and Dominic Toretto in the crazy carburettor-filled world of street racing? We all know how those boys and girls just love to push their tuned up and highly stylised cars to the limits on the streets of America and beyond.

It’s exciting stuff and this is the chance for car-mad youngsters to get a piece of the action. Indeed your little ones don’t need to know how to drive or have any experience. The only proviso is that the miniature drivers are at least 4ft 5″ tall and 10 years old. Once they’ve got their licence in their pocket you can book them onto the adult Toyota Supra drive experience instead.

So back to the junior version of this Fast and Furious experience. Once diddy racer boy or girl has been welcomed at the track there’s a short safety briefing and explanation of how the experience will unfold. Once all kitted up in the proper racing driver helmet it’s then time to head out to the car.

And it will be just as good as they’d hoped. The Supra is a total machine and busts out over 400bhp making it a very fast and very furious motor that kids of all ages love! Junior will be sitting in the hot seat and a professional and highly experienced instructor driver will be in the passenger seat. Now they are ready for the off.

In case you were wondering the car is dual control making this a very safe experience. It also means they can get the feel of driving a fabulous car without having to learn the entire Highway Code or pass any dull exams. We think this Fast and Furious experience for kids is a brilliant way for junior petrol heads to have their very own Brian or Tia moment out on the track!

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