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Junior Triple American Muscle Car Blast | The Real Britain Company

Junior Triple American Muscle Car Blast

The junior muscle car drive – say a great big ‘howdy’ to a trio of very big American muscle cars! This is the chance for teens to get behind the wheel of three of the very best modern pony cars.

Yep that’s right. The little ones will actually be driving these hulking great cars from the US of A. Forget pootling around in a teeny hatchback with the L plates on. Your car-mad teens will be revving up the V8s to go whizzing around a race track in these very powerful muscle cars.

So what do youngsters need to do to be able to drive these amazing muscle cars? Amazingly no previous driving experience is necessary. They just have to be at least 4ft 10” (that’s 147cm if you’re metric) and aged between 11 and 18 years…and that’s it!

Before you think the operators must either be brave or stupid to let kids drive these flash and expensive cars it’s a comfort to know they are all dual-controlled so your mini motorists shouldn’t be getting themselves into any sticky situations out there.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s always an instructor in the front passenger seat and they’ll be patient with the children whilst motivating them to get the very best out of their pre-adult driving skills. You’ll be astounded when you see how skilled your kids look as they zoom off into the distance. (And in case you’re feeling jealous we have a grown-up version of this junior experience too).

The trio of American muscle cars the junior drivers will be meeting are: the Chevrolet Camaro (they might know it as ‘Bumblebee’ from the Transformers films) the Ford Mustang GT (‘Barricade’ in the Transformers) and a Dodge Challenger. You can’t miss this one it’s super loud and as orange as an…orange!

If your teenager drives the Blast it’s three laps in each car at Staffordshire and Tockwith. The Thrill extends the drive time to five laps in Staffordshire and six over on the shorter Tockwith proving ground.

And remember there are no restrictions on the numbers of spectators you can bring and they can join in the fun on the day with passenger rides hot and cold drinks and snack outlets and children’s playground (Staffs only). So go on treat your teen to a tearaway day on a thrilling junior muscle car drive experience.

Find out more and book your place today!