Kids Nissan GTR

Give your teen the ride of their life on a junior Nissan GTR racing day and watch them light up the track like a driving professional! Teens will be jumping into the driver’s seat and taking control of this gnarly Japanese sports car at one of three UK centres so let your little one go wild on all four wheels.

Designed to give kids as young as 11 the opportunity to take to the tarmac and discover the wonderful world of racing these junior Nissan days let you put a proper souped up GTR through its paces on a specially adapted circuit ensuring maximum enjoyment with ultimate safety. Proud parents can stand at the side-lines camera ready for that perfect action shot while youngsters are shown the essential techniques for manoeuvring a high-performance car by a qualified racing instructor.

Any teen interested in motoring will know just what an amazing vehicle the Nissan GTR really is. With its distinctive aggressive race car bodywork low suspension and powerful throaty exhaust it’s a real head turner for car fans everywhere especially when you hit the accelerator and you hear that impressive gurgling from the engine. This is your child’s chance to take the wheel of this premier motor machine and find out its full track potential.

Once strapped in junior racers will take the Nissan GTR around the track for a full ten minutes giving them plenty of time to appreciate the awesome acceleration and superb handling of this car. With centres in Leicestershire Warwickshire and Yorkshire there’s airbags of opportunity to give your young one a drive like never before so get them down to your nearest track to let them experience their very own high-speed thrills.

Our junior Nissan GTR racing days are a memorable way of making any teen’s dreams of track driving  come true and with such a wide age range catered for the possibilities for younger drivers are endless. So if you know a youngster who would love to get their hands on the steering wheel of this brilliant supercar then you also know exactly how to give them a treat for their birthday Christmas or special occasion they’ll never forget.

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