Kids Quads Staffordshire

Kids quad biking in Staffordshire  – a surefire way to see bored teens burst with excitement as they get to pilot their very own quad for a half hour of quadrilicious fantasticalness!

Aimed at young quad bike riders aged between 12 and 15 years this centre in Staffordshire specialising in junior experiences has all the right gear so your little daredevils can have the time of their lives on an All Terrain Vehicle. Ready and waiting for them is a fleet of Kymco Maxxer and Apache RLX machines. For the mini quad bike adventurers the two stoke 50cc Apache is just right whilst bigger boys and girls will love the extra power of the four stroke Maxxer – in fact they are just like the full blown adult versions just a smaller frame.

So with these top-notch mini ATVs on offer this is proper quad biking for kids. Staffordshire’s dedicated outdoor centre makes sure it’s children-only for the duration of these sessions so it’s a fun atmosphere that any kid will love to be part of. The instructors are all really nice too and if it takes a little while for your little one to get the hang of the controls no problem they are all very patient. But we’re sure that won’t be the case – the youngsters are far too savvy these days to be flummoxed by a fully automatic quad!

On the ‘outside world’ they may not be able to even ride a scooter on the public roads yet but here at this privately owned Staffordshire venue they can take on the might of these machines and go quad biking on the succession of challenging courses. Yep no ‘follow the leader’ no sharing of bikes just a good hearty half hour of serious fun that kids will absolutely adore.

So get that grumpy teen you know to drop the games controller jump in the hot seat full-face helmet on grab the handlebars and go ripping it up in the countryside for real with the treat of kids quad biking Staffordshire-style. Riding on a junior ATV is a thrilling tale of mud and water splashes any teen will love.

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Kids Quads Staffordshire
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