Kids Supercar Choice Oxfordshire

No need for a licence on these junior supercar drives! Amazing as it might sound kids who aren’t even old enough to really think about applying for a provisional licence can actually get behind the wheel of some fabulous supercars at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire. We think they’ll love it.

Most of us start learning to drive in something small and modest like a Fiesta. But that first taste of stalling over revving the engine and not being able to remember whether it’s mirror-signal-manoeuvre is all thrown out of the window on these supercars drives for the kids. They don’t even have to have any previous motoring experience of any kind. It’s mad to think the very first time they have a steering wheel in their hands it could have a prancing horse Ferrari logo on it!

The team at this driving centre in Upper Heyford is well-versed in what makes teen drivers tick. They love the kudos of being in a supercar. They love the feeling of speed and they love the fact that they’re the ones driving. Of course safety is paramount so the instructor sitting beside them actually has their own overriding brake pedal and an engine switch too so everyone is safe.

They are also really good at encouraging and building confidence in your mini drivers. It can be daunting for adults and children alike when you first step into a very very expensive supercar but the teenagers are all soon put at ease. Time for a deep breath and get ready to hit the track negotiating the coned circuit like a future champ might.

We are offering one two or three car junior supercar drives and in every case it’s the youngsters who gets to choose which car or cars they get to drive. And it’s a pretty impressive line up. Everything from very smart Aston Martins and super slick Ferraris to the sheer performance and handling of the Porsche and Audi. We’re betting more than one of these cars will have featured on the bedroom walls of the young drivers at some point in their childhood!

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