Kids Supercar Choice

Kids supercar driving is now a reality in Staffordshire and Yorkshire! Forget driving that small hatchback with ‘L’ plates all over it these driving experiences just for youngsters aged between 12 and 18 are all about high performance saloon and race prepped rally cars. It’s the perfect present for car mad boys and girls!

There’s no need for a driving licence as centres are on private land. These sessions will be run on top notch track layouts that are made up of fast straights curves and hairpins – so there are plenty of challenges for even the most skilful of young drivers.

Even before your teens get into any of the cars on offer they (along with most parents) will be in awe. It’s a rare thing to see so many expensive examples of motoring finesse in one place. Everywhere you look there are hot hatches rugged rally cars and gleaming super cars. It’s totally like a ‘who’s who’ of cool motors.

So what sort of supercars can your little drivers get their hands on? The fleet may vary but there’s usually everything from the Aston Martin (simply stunning and a favourite with youngsters) to the ferocious Mustang GT flying the supercar flag whilst in the rally hero corner there is the Subaru Impreza WRX STi ready to hit the same circuit.

What we love about these experiences is how flexible they all are as youngsters choose which supercar (or cars) to drive. And if you’re not driving there’s always plenty going on to keep the whole family entertained whether they are car mad or not.

These kids supercar driving sessions give fledgling drivers the chance to get behind the wheel of some seriously flamboyant cars. We think it’s great that it’s the youngsters themselves who get to choose which car (or cars) they get to drive making this very much their big day.

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Kids Supercar Choice
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