Kids Superstar Singer

If your little budding popstar longs to sing their heart and soul out give them this chance to record a song and shine in the spotlight for an afternoon of musical magic. Imagine their face when you tell them they will be heading to a professional music recording studio to sing and record their very own CD single

For this superstar session your child can either start their solo career or take a friend along to duet making this a great day out for birthdays and other special occasions. They’ll be able to record a song of their choice with themselves on lead vocals in the surroundings of a professional recording studio at a location convenient to you.

Just like the X-Factor this kids’ music experience lets them show off their singing skills and have fun in a real studio helped by professional sound engineers and producers to record a proper song with all the finishing touches any chart-topping star would receive. At the end of their session they will be presented with a CD of their recorded track to take home and play over and over again reliving their moment of musical glory.

If you know a youngster who’s got a talent for tunes this recording session just for children is the perfect gift. Girls and boys who love to sing at home can go to an actual recording studio and will be able to sing at the top of their voices to their favourite hits into a real microphone as the expert sound engineer checks the sound levels operates the mixing desk and hits ‘record’ to lay down their favourite song in a unique and enjoyable way.

These days the charts are full of young kids belting out some great pop tunes so if you know a boy who thinks they can sing like Justin Bieber or a girl who would love to be the new Taylor Swift this is an experience they will absolutely love – and they even get to see how a real recording studio works! So give your lovable little angel the chance to sing along in style and record a song like a true music maestro.

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