Kite Sports Cornwall

Let the wind take you on these kite sport experiences in Cornwall! Choose the ‘Kite Experience’ for a two to three hour introduction to traction kiting or go for the ‘Kite Sports Day’ and try two of the really dynamic kite sports on the long golden sands of Cornwall making the most of the vast beaches and all that lovely wild windiness.

Traction Kiting – using a parachute-like kite you will be powered along the ground and if you are confident enough pulled up into the air.  You will be taught how to control your 4-line power kite and utilise the natural power of the wind to have a fantastic exhilarating time learning the essential kite skills that all other kite sports are based on.

If you’re on the full day experience you will also try:

Land Boarding – this is great fun and an excellent way to progress from traction kiting. Using an off-road skateboard or mountain board you will learn how to harness the power of the kite to travel back and forth across the wind at speed. You will develop an understanding of the wind and how to harness its power. We have to say this is the most extreme of all kite activities and is sure to get the adrenaline going as you zoom along the Cornish sands at speed.


Kite Buggying – this is a great sport for all those who have had a go at traction kiting and want to try something new. Buggying is go-karting equivalent of the kite sport world.  You will be sitting in a three-wheel buggy only a few inches off the ground controlling the steering with your feet and the accelerator with your arms. This is most definitely an all action activity which needs quick thinking and co-ordination and learning to control your kite buggy is also great fun. With top-notch coaching from this most dedicated and enthusiastic of teams in Cornwall on how to control the buggy and kite together you will find yourselves moving around in no time at all.

Whether you decided to just dip your many toes into the world of kite sports in Cornwall with one of the introductory traction kiting sessions or you go all out for a full day on the sand discovering traction and one other kite-powered discipline you’re sure to be amazed just how powerful the gusts of wind around these parts can be!

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