Lamborghini Circuit Drive

Everyone with a driving licence should have a Lamborghini Gallardo experience at some point in their motoring lifetime. Why? Because this is the ultimate ‘bold as brass’ supercar that put Lamborghini back on the automotive track and is to date the marques best ever selling model…until the LP560-4 upgrade came along.

It is actually the remodelled successor the the Gallardo you’ll be driving on this experience. Billed as a facelifted Gallardo in our experience that usually means just a few design tweaks. But on the LP560-4 version a lot has changed.

The hint is in the name. LP is for Longitudinal Posteriore (that’s where the engine is positioned). The 560 bit refers to the power in PS (that’s 560 or 552 in good old bhp). And the 4 at the end? That’s for Lamborghini’s four wheel drive system. Those who have experienced the very lively handling of the Gallardo will certainly appreciate that one!

In terms of brand positioning for the LP560-4 the manufacturer’s blurb is the same as for the Gallardo. Lamborghini will tell you this vehicle is ‘more practical’. We think it’s still totally impractical on today’s roads (endless stop-start traffic road humps etc) and if you ever want to do anything useful like go shopping in your Lambo you’ll only have room for a takeaway curry in the ridiculously small front boot. No the reason we love the Lamborghini LP560-4 is purely for the experience.

To own one of these you need to be the sort of person who wants to be noticed. You won’t have much choice when the car makes the most incredible noise even when you try and roll as gently as possible away. Even at 0.05mph it sounds like showing off. And it certainly looks like a show off too. The most popular LP560-4 colours in Lamborghini’s experience are always citrus with bright orange yellow and that unmissable lime green.

So what kind of experience can you expect when you’re actually behind the wheel of the Lamborghini LP560-4 yourself? Well firstly you have to get over the bright coloured leather interior which certainly catches the eye (but is made of supersoft leather all the same!) as you sink into the hot seat ready to roll. 

You will then have three or six miles driving at your choice of circuit giving you enough time to decide for yourself if this motor is wonderfully bold and prestigious or a ‘bad boy’ poser of a supercar that revels in its excessive nature. Either way the LP560-4 is a true experience to drive – and actually quite well tamed by Lamborghini’s engineering team so you don’t need to be a disciple of the racing line to enjoy this car.

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Lamborghini Circuit Drive
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