Lamborghini Drive for Kids

The drivers might be mini but there’s nothing small about this junior Lamborghini driving experience! This is as full throttle as the adult track day but with one major difference – you have to be aged between 10 and 16 years to be able to take part!

There’s also a height restriction (it’s useful to be able to see over the steering wheel at least even if the long sleek bonnet falls out of view!) so kids will need to be at least 5ft tall for this experience. Once they’ve met these criteria it’s game on for this fabulous Lambo drive.

The little darlings will be getting their mucky mitts on a rather flashy and rather expensive Lamborghini Gallardo. This is the car that completely transformed Lamborghini’s fortunes and in fact half of all Lambos built are Gallardos – not bad for a production run that spanned 10 years from 2003 to 2013.

This jnr Gallardo is your full spec non-restricted first generation Gallardo but with one subtle modification – it’s got dual controls. Mark our words this is certainly no learner car but with a little teaching and encouragement from the expert driver instructors sitting in the front passenger seat across from the children you’ll be amazed at how well they progress with their motoring skills.

And there’s not even any need to worry about gear changes. These brilliant cars have F1 style paddle shifts gears on the steering wheel but can also be driven in full automatic mode which means for those with very little or no driving experience it’s smooth progressive acceleration all the way without a lurch or a stall in sight!

Speed demon teens will enjoy 10 minutes of driving time to be taken at the track of their choice from several around the UK. The session will take place on a special coned out circuit that may be away from the main track to give the kids a chance to hone their supercar driving skills without too much distraction from other cars. For an extra bit of spice to our junior Lamborghini driving experience go for the hotlap add-on which will see them enjoying a high speed passenger ride in a fully prepped saloon car driven by a pro.

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