Lamborghini Huracan Experience

If a Lamborghini Huracan is driving past you on the race track make sure you don’t blink for a single second else you’ll miss this Italian beauty as it rockets past you at speed. This Lambo can clock up 201mph with ease – are you ready to take on the Huracan?

As with other Lamborghini models this car is named after a famous fighting bull this time a rather successful Spanish one and Huracan as you might suspect translates as Hurricane which is a very well-chosen name for a vehicle that can do 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds!

The Huracan is also known as the LP610-4 and for this particular experience it’s the Spyder version you’ll be driving. Released onto the market in 2015 the first rag top Huracans made their way to the UK in January 2016. By Lamborghini’s own admission the Huracan convertible is the ‘lifestyle’ model which can mean candy colours with co-ordinated interiors but also a totally non-intimidating drive experience.

All this cuddliness and accessibility doesn’t make this car any more practical though even less so in fact as the folding soft top roof takes up space behind the two seats and the whole system (which Lambo fans takes 17 seconds to open or close) adds weight to the car. But it does look simply stunning and the engine is sublime.

This car has three driving modes. When the Huracan is in Strada it’s like a tamed animal that glides effortlessly along making it perfect for city driving everyday. Switch to Sport or Corsa (i.e. race) modes and you awaken the beast within and with an almighty roar of that 5.2l V10 engine you’re off. Perfect for track day settings.

Perhaps just as well then that your Lamborghini Huracan driving experience will be taking place on a professional race track. That means you can really sample the Lambo at its very best. If the sun’s out go for top down and take the full force of the wind (even though there are windshields roll bars and you’ll be wearing a helmet) as you hit the gas and go for it full throttle swiftly manipulating the seven speed double clutch transmission to change down a gear and away you go.

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