Lamborghini Huracan Track Drive

Whip up a bit of a storm with a Lamborghini Huracan track drive! You’ll need all the skills to get the Huracan driving thrills as this is some beast. Lamborghini has certainly hit the nail on the head once again when it comes to big brash and bold supercars. It’s time to meet the Huracan at a track near you!

As you might suspect Huracan in Spanish (pronounced ‘ooh-ra-can’) means Hurricane. And driving this thing is certainly going to be a bit of a whirlwind. It’s an imposing piece of kit that mixes all the flamboyance of the Italians with the precision of Audi’s German engineering. Who’d have thought that relationship could ever work but it does. And the Huracan gives you bucketloads of thrills.

Driving this car is something of a sensation. It’s got a seven speed double clutch transmission so if you’re nifty on the fingers you can rip through those gears with the paddle shift. That means you make the most of all that power encapsulated in that 5.2l V10 monster of an engine. And very nice it sounds too thank you.

As well as the actual thrill of driving the Huracan it’s also pretty mad just being inside the car. It’s more like a high-spec cockpit in there with TFT touch screen gadgets and gizmos everywhere to bamboozle dazzle and impress you. And yes the interior upholstery is as bright as the bodywork on the Huracan. You might need your very best Italian designer shades on for this track drive.

You have the choice of being custodian of the awesome Huracan for either three or six miles. Both give all those Huracan thrills but if you can go for the extended voucher as it gives you twice the drive time so you can really get to know this impressive motor out on the track.

And talking of tracks we’ve got a good spread of venues around the UK hosting these Lamborghini Huracan track drives. There’s a mix of airfield-style circuits proving grounds and MSA approved circuits to choose from so have a browse and see which location is best for you. 

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