Lamborghini Oxfordshire

Experience the thrill of Lamborghini Gallardo driving in Oxfordshire! You’ll be driving one of the sleekest Italian sports cars ever built at this airfield circuit near Upper Heyford for three or six laps which means three or six miles of the Gallardo greatness.

It has to be said the Gallardo certainly knows how to turn heads. The engine noise alone is colossal – and as you rev the engine on the start line you can’t help but break out in a big smiley happy driving face as you set off around the track.

Such beefy sports cars deserve to be driven on wide open circuits and you can really accelerate and feel the torque of the car at this track in Upper Heyford which has been designed to give the driver a maximum amount of space to manoeuvre the Gallardo reaching speeds of up to 100mph in a matter of seconds.

This Lamborghini Gallardo driving in Oxfordshire experience is sure to please any fan of exotic Italian cars and we reckon driving this Latin hot shot has to be one very exciting way to attack the track. Don’t forget if you go for the package with the ‘hotlap’ you will enjoy a white knuckle ride for three or six miles as a passenger in a performance car to round off your experience.

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