Lamborghini Test Drive

The great thing about this Lamborghini test drive is that you don’t have to have over £180 000 burning a hole in your pocket! Yep that’s how much an all-singing all-dancing Gallardo would have cost you new so our drives are considerably better value for money we think you’ll agree.

We say would have cost you as the very last Gallardo rolled off the production line in Sant’Agata Bolognese on the 25th November 2013. Retiring after a decade of loyal service to the supercar world this flagship Lambo was the biggest selling model of all time for the high-end Italian marque.

And as we hinted at earlier it’s not cheap being a Lamborghini owner. Replacing the clutch will leave you with a bill of thousands rather than hundreds of pounds and the price of tyre changes will make you wince (and being four wheel drive you are obliged to buy a new set of four toegther). But it is still a Lamborghini and there’s no doubting these cars are seriously coveted the world over which is why it’s great you’re here to test drive one rather than pay for its upkeep.

This operator has several Gallardos at their disposal in a range of colours including those classic bright bold colours to show off their ostentatious looks but also the more subtle colours like Blue Caelum for the discrete supercar owner. They certainly looks the part from the outside in any colour but what’s going on on the inside?

Well first of all we can tell you there’s nothing but a tiny space under the bonnet and that’s because the huge V10 engine is pretty much placed right behind your head which is the all better for listening to that glorious V10 note. Inside the cockpit your seat is as low down as you’d imagine but the steering wheel is nicely weighted and the brake pedal isn’t the heavy mass you’d expect.

As for actually driving the Lambo you’ll be wanting to test out that acceleration to the max. The E-Gear automatic system is pretty efficient or you can change gear yourself ‘clutchlessly’ using the paddles. And believe us this car really goes. And when you get somewhere near the red line at 8 500rpm the exhaust wails as opposed to that gratifying gurgle at idle.

These racing hot Lamborghini test drives give you three or six miles around the track of our choice. A pro driver will be riding shotgun with you to help you get the most out of this iconic car so get yourself geared up and ready to take a real Italian star for a spin!

Find out more and book your place today!

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Lamborghini Test Drive
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