Lamborghini Thrill Hertfordshire

Get ready for a whopping 530bhp when you drive the Lamborghini in Hertfordshire! On this experience you’ll be honing your track skills in the amazing Gallardo with a little help from a sports saloon along the way. Let us explain how your day out at this Hertfordshire track with the Lambo will unfold.

You start with a participant briefing where things like performance driving techniques and track etiquette will be explained to you. Before you can pitch the Gallardo into those sweeping bends you need to know what the track will be throwing at you so it’s out to one of the high performance cars to be chauffeured around the track for three sighting laps. These are followed by one lap where the instructor driving will ‘give it some welly’ to give you a high-speed passenger experience.

Once you’ve got the lie of the track in your mind’s eye it’s just a question of waiting your turn. As the excitement mounts your heart is bound to start racing. When it’s your time get strapped into the low-slung seat and get ready for the off in your big bold Lamborghini for your driving session around this Hertfordshire track.

This Gallardo has a specially modified 5.0l V10 engine which makes this 200mph+ pin up of the Lamborghini world even more attractive. In fact words can’t describe the feeling of that full-force acceleration when you open the throttle to the full. That unmistakeable V10 growl is right there ready to make all heads turn as you power past the spectators.

And of course with all wheel drive transmission high-spec brakes and race preparation from the skilled team of technicians that look after these superb cars in Hertfordshire you can be confident this gorgeous Italian Gallardo will stick to the road like day old pasta in a pan.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is nothing short of astonishing. And with this experience giving you ten laps of the circuit with you at the wheel of this thoroughbred you will really get to know the idiosyncrasies of this car. That’s what makes this Lamborghini driving in Hertfordshire such great value for money. 


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Lamborghini Thrill Hertfordshire
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