Lamborghini Thrills

Think Lamborghini… think Italian styling incredible performance and stunning looks. The Gallardo is one seriously impressive supercar so it’s not surprising the name is taken from a breed of gutsy fighting bull in Italian. That’s also why this Lamborghini driving experience really is the stuff of dreams and it’s not Jeremy Clarkson not the Stig not any other jammy motoring journalist but little old YOU who’ll be driving this beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo.

The Gallardo is a simply stunning piece of Italian car engineering with a hefty price tag of over £130 000. It’s scorchingly fast with a 500bhp V10 engine that will sing sweetly to your ears as you rev the engine.  Before you can get your hands on this stand-out car there is a welcome and safety session where things like race track etiquette and racing lines will be explained to you and kit hand out to equip all drivers with a full face helmet.

If you opt for the Welsh circuit experience you will be driving this fine example of Italian motoring for three delectable laps of the circuit. Those of you taking the Lambo for a spin in Staffordshire get six laps or five laps at Wigan. Of course an expert instructor will be by your side to help you get the most of your driving time in the Lamborghini and enjoy its unrivalled performance and handling.

With nothing like traffic lights or road humps to hinder your progress driving the Lamborghini Gallardo on the track gives you plenty of time to really get used to the handling of the car as well as the twists and turns of the course. Available weekdays and on weekends the Lamborghini Gallardo drive in Staffs or Wales is a short but very sweet way to get your hands on this amazing car. And just in case you were wondering if it happens to be the canary yellow Lambo on your track day it really is as bright as it looks in the photos so everyone is sure to see you coming as you burn up on the inside!

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Lamborghini Thrills
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