Land Yachting in Kent

Here’s your chance to harness the wind in style ! These two-hour land yachting experiences will see you making the most of the immeasurable power of the wind as you speed up and down the superb fields of Kent.

Set in the perfect location for land yachting this day out will definitely get your heart pumping and the wind blowing your hair as you zip along the super fast field based course. This exhilarating sport also known as sand-yachting or land-sailing will see you using a sail to control where you go and your speed (and remember land yachts don’t have brakes but you will be taught all the essentials like controlling the thing!).

All the top of the range gear is provided on site so there is no paying for any extras. And in fact you can choose whether you want to share a land yacht and go relay style or if you want a vessel each and go head to head out there.

After a full safety briefing it’s your chance to show what you’re made of . The first thing you’ll actually be taught is how to stop. Once this pivotal skill has been mastered you will then move on to negotiate the figure of eight circuit so you can begin to learn how to turn left and right and even link your turning to then progress to slaloming smoothly in your good ‘ship’.

As your land yachting skills improve it’s time to move on to longer and even more challenging circuits. All the instructors are fully trained and qualified professionals who will teach you manoeuvres like the luff turn and maybe even a gybe turn which when you crack it will literally blow you away!

This exciting land yachting experience is your chance to take in a truly unique adrenaline thrill on a set course near New Romney in Kent. The palpable buzz of controlling these swift land yachts will last with you for a long time and will make you want to come back as you crave the need for speed on those windswept sands!

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