Lee Valley White Water Rafting

Take on the rapids on these Lee Valley white water rafting sessions! This is where canoe slalom events were held during the London 2012 Olympic Games. It has now been transformed into the Lee Valley White Water Centre and it’s open to everyone who fancies making a bit of a splash in the fast-moving flow!

As this is Hertfordshire (and not the Bahamas) you’ll get a wetsuit wet boots and buoyancy aid to keep you warm on the rapids. You’ll listen to a safety briefing talk on dry land and then you’ll carry out essential safety tests with experienced raft guides before taking to these Lee Valley waters.

These exercises include things like working together in the raft to shift bodyweight and adopting the ‘down’ position on the floor of the raft. You’ll then have a short swimming assessment where you’ll learn to lie on your back with your feet up and pointing downstream. After that there’s just time to have a go at catching and using the line to get back to the water’s edge.

Now it’s Raft o’Clock and you’re off riding the white waters of Lee Valley with your comrades and onboard guide. It’s exhilarating fast-paced and gallons and gallons of fun out there. Anyone coming along to watch can hang out at The Terrace Bar & Café which boasts a funky design and great views of this Olympic course.

Lee Valley white water rafting takes place within the River Lee Country Park which is just outside the M25 bordering Hertfordshire and Essex. As well as top-notch water sports there are loads of other activities in and around the water; from children’s play areas and farms to a winter ice rink. So paddles up and enjoy your Lee Valley white water rafting day out!

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