Leeds Castle Scenic Segway Offer for Two

Here’s a new take on sightseeing at Leeds Castle with this Segway discount voucher! As far as Segway offers go this very special Leeds Castle deal is a really good one. Not only do you get a big discount you get to Segway before the crowds turn up!

This early bird Segway deal is a bit of a corker. It offers a 30-35 minute tour around lovely Leeds Castle in Kent for a great price. It also gives you the chance to head off on your escorted Segway session before the gates even open to the general public. That means you’ll be explore those stunning grounds before anyone else. And this Segway special offer is for two people. What more could you ask for?

Actually there is more. A 09:30 start might seem a tad early but it means you get to Leeds Castle at one of the most delightful times of day. The birds are singing the wind rustles the leaves on the trees and all is calm before the day visitors arrives in their coach loads. This is quite simply the best time to be roaming around the 500-acre estate.

And you won’t be taking the well-trodden paths that visitors discovering Leeds Castle on foot usually take. These are rugged off-roading Segways after all so expect to be zipping along fields and trails on routes that aren’t normally open to the public. Of course you still get to see the highlights too on these special offer tours as you Segway past the likes of Lady Baillie’s garden the aviary the Maiden’s Tower Great Water and the famous moat.

The route is so picturesque stopping to take photos is a must. And if you have one you are welcome to bring along a GoPro so you can video the day you went Segwaying around this most famous of Kentish castles. All tours are preceded by a one-to-one training session to get you comfortable with the machine and the controls before you head off on your guided tour as a group.

With entertaining commentary on the history of the grounds and the castle included this is the most exhilarating way to visit Leeds Castle. Segway discount vouchers are valid for two people with each of you riding your own X2 Segway transporter for the duration of your tour. And all this before the castle is officially open to the public for the day!

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