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Get a bird’s eye view with these Leicestershire sightseeing helitours! Now Leicester might not be top of the list when it comes to tourist destinations but the city is actually steeped in history going right back to Roman times when Leicester was known as Ratae Corieltauvorum and there is so much to see from the air that’s why we’ve got this great range of sightseeing tours for you.

All tours are in executive helicopters departing from Leicester Airport just a couple of miles south east of the city centre. This private airfield is small and welcoming so they’ll be no hanging around waiting for a take-off slot here it’s rotors on and straight into the air for a glimpse of the city centre almost as soon as you’ve taken off.

To get a feel of what being in a helicopter is all about we recommend the five minute buzz. At the speeds helicopters go you’ll actually travel around six miles in this short time checking out the patchwork Leicestershire farmland below you and the suburbs of Leicester beyond.

A 15 minute tour gives you enough time for your heli tour pilot to take you into the countryside a bit more. Depending on wind and weather conditions you can expect to see the likes of busy commuter town Market Harborough that sits in south Leicestershire the yellow stone buildings of Oakham and the home of Pork Pies Melton Mowbray!

City dwellers will love the 20 minute skyline tour. There is something really quite magical about seeing your all too familiar city centre from a very unfamiliar angle and that’s just what you get as the heli swoops over and tours iconic buildings such as St George’s Tower (known locally as the Blue Tower) and the Cardinal Telephone Exchange which is one of the tallest office blocks in the East Midlands. Sporting fans will adore seeing the King Power Stadium where Leicester City play Welford Road home to the Leicester Tigers and Grace Road for a spot of Leicestershire County cricket.

The country’s smallest county comes into full view on our extended tour. The heli cruises out of Leicestershire and into Rutland on this 30 minute trip that also takes in the wonderful manmade reservoir including the Normanton Church museum that sits right on the shoreline. This part of Leicestershire is just so picturesque it’s a real delight to be able to see it all from your VIP seat in the chopper. And don’t forget all Leicestershire sightseeing helitours are in super swanky helicopters which in itself is an experience to be savoured!

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