Live-Fire Shooting Chester

Live-fire shooting in Chester – where you fire live ammunition! This experience takes target shooting to another level as you fire .22 rimfire guns at a variety of targets.

This range near Frodsham has been purpose-built for live-fire shooting sessions. Safety is of paramount importance so there will be a full and detailed briefing before you get to handle any of the live-firing guns.

All sessions offer one-to-one training with a qualified shooting coach. They will make sure you handle the guns responsibly as well as showing you how to get the most out of your shooting. They’ll cover everything from breathing and stance position to how to take aim and how to cope with recoil.

This 50m indoor range boasts several different sets of target types for you to aim at. And whilst there’s no pressure and it’s not a competition there’s always that little desire inside you to shoot well which really motivates you when it’s your turn to take aim.

We are offering either a one-gun session or a three-gun experience with the live ammo near Chester. Everyone gets to try a stalwart of the shooting world the Smith & Wesson AR15 .22 or give the Swiss manufacturer Hammerli’s TAC R1 a go. Both are long rifles with that distinctive military look to them.

Those who opt for the trio of live-firing rifles will then get to choose two from an eclectic collection of firearms which includes some classics. The choice on the day could include a classic US Army WW2 M1 Carbine a German MP40 sub-machine gun the MP5 compact sub-machine gun used by the SAS or the Heckler & Koch G36 adopted by the German forces in the 90s.

Don’t forget this is live-fire shooting in Chester so all guns will be firing live ammunition. It’s a great chance for you to fire live rounds without having to become a member of a shoot club or have a firearms licence.

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