London Chocolate Tour

Why give a box of chocolates when you can go one step further with a chocolate tour of London with sweet treats added in for good measure! On these gently-paced walking tours around London you’ll be tasting lots of chocolate and things whilst learning fascinating facts and amusing anecdotes too. It’s chocoholic heaven on the move in the capital with two daytime and one VIP evening tour offered.

The duo of daytime chocolate tours cover two different areas of London; namely Mayfair and Chelsea. The Mayfair route is the ‘traditional’ chocolate tour of London giving you a taste of the finest most exquisite chocolates to come out of this smart borough. After a welcome hot chocolate drink to fuel you up for your walking expect to tour and taste at some of London’s finest purveyors of chocolate including Prestat (we hear Ma’am in Buck House is a fan).

If your penchant for all things sweet goes beyond chocolate the Chelsea tour is for you. You’ll visit some of the finest bakers and patissiers tasting everything from mini meringues and macarons to chocolate truffles as you go. It’s all in a concentrated area around Chelsea and Belgravia which are two of London’s most affluent districts with a mix of residential fine restaurants and boutiques. And it’s amazingly peaceful too!

There is also an evening chocolate tour where the ambience is little more night-time luxury as you enjoy exclusive after-hours access to a leading London chocolatier who will give you a tour of the laboratory. And there are deluxe hand-made ice creams and even a rather swish chocolate cocktail to taste too.

All tours into the sweet-smelling smooth world of chocolate around central London are hosted by expert guides who certainly know their Rococo from their cooking chocolate. They also love to tempt you with stories and little factoids about choc from the bean to bar. 

Whichever tour you choice one thing is sure – you will be consuming vast amounts of delicious sweet treats and chocolate as you taste your way around London. Daytime or evening these chocolate tours of London have been designed to offer a fascinating insight into our capital city and some of the best addresses for all things chocolate and baked goods. And we have to say if you go to Sketch for your hot choc drink you simply have to go to the loo!

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