London Time Tour Bus

Tamper with time when you hop onboard the London time tour bus! Let the ever-so-slightly eccentric Professor Quantum and his time team show you the sights of Old London on this fun trip for all the family. Prepare yourselves for a magical journey with a difference…

You will be travelling around central London on a beautifully restored 1960s Routemaster bus. However once onboard you’ll realise this is no ordinary double decker. Indeed there’s a strange mix of the old and the new with a high-tech audio visual system that could be from the future and some very strange-looking gadgetry too.

‘That my friend’ as the inimitable Professor would say ‘is my patented time travel technology’. As he starts to manipulate time you’ll tour London discovering what it was like on the olden days where beheadings invasions plagues and peasant un-rest was the norm. Then there’s a look at current London and even a little peek at what’s to come – he’s been there already after all!

But who is old Quanto as he is affectionately known? His bus tour colleagues will tell you his origins are elusive but with a sharp wit he’s scientifically literate and historically accurate too in his comedic presentation of London life through the ages. Indeed this undisputed master of time lists his hobbies as ‘hot baths vanilla ice cream and reading books about trans-dimensional interstellar quantum particle theory and its applied uses in time travel’ (not all at the same time we presume) so prepare for a time-twisting tour.

During the voyage your knowledgable host will share anecdotes and stories about his travels (he’s seen pretty much everything through the centuries after all). He’ll point out the places where all the action took place and you might even see some footage of the events and fascinating historical figures too thanks to Pro Quanto’s time phone.

We think riding around on a London time tour bus is one of the most entertaining ways to visit the capital. Why bother trying to get to grips with the tube map or getting lost on foot when you can just let this expert of time guide you around old new and future London?

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