Order brownies by post and get that gorgeous gooeyness delivered directly to your door every month! These chocolate brownie subscriptions are indulgent decadent and delicious. That’s why they make for the perfect gift by post for anyone who likes the sweeter things in life.

Hand-made using only the finest ingredients the brownies are freshly prepared before being neatly packed into a lovely little hand-tied box and dispatched to your chosen address. (Monthly brownie delivery to your office anyone?!). There’s no need for you to be in to receive your brownies as the packaging has been cleverly designed to fit through a standard letter box.

The best thing about these chocolate brownie subscriptions is that you get to choose which of the flavours you’d like to try. The brownie menu is wide-ranging too. There’s plain choc for cocoa purists and walnut/pecan for your classic brownie fans. Then there are some really innovative choices with everything from a chili choc to peanut butter featuring in the line up.

You can even go for an extra special zing with the boozy brownies that have a different liqueur added every month for that even naughtier tray-bake treat. How about the almond tones of Amaretto or the summer coconut scent of Malibu? They certainly give the classic brownie a funky twist.

As far as edible gifts go we think a personalised subscription for brownies is one of the best. They make a great change from chocolates or flowers and they taste sublime too. Each one is carefully created in an artisan kitchen and with ‘no hidden nasties’ as they say. Just writing about them is making us properly hungry!

We are offering the classic or boozy brownies by post for a three six or 12-month subscription. Once you redeem your voucher you choose when to start your subscription and you’ll be invited to select the brownies you’d like to receive. Simple lovingly hand-made and tasty too. What more could you ask for?

Find out more and book your place today!