M3 Hotlap or Drifting Passenger Thrill

Prepare yourself and be brave on these BMW M3 rides! The term ‘hotlap’ was invented for the M3. It’s long been one of the motoring world’s favourite performance saloons and these passenger rides show off the BMW at its sporty best.

Equally at home street racing as it is on the race track it’s little wonder we’re offering both track hot laps and drifting laps in the BMW. It’s going to be a difficult choice to make. Do you go hooning it down the straights in a sheer show of power? Or do you get a nice side-slide on as you experience linked drift turns? Both are exhilarating and both will get the old adrenaline pumping. 

What we love about the M3 is that it has understated class. Subtle body styling suits this German mid-sized monster. There’s only the very discreet little M3 badge on the boot that shows off the car’s pedigree as this is the moniker of the in-house motorsport division of BMW where this car was conceived.

The classy exterior is complemented by the tasteful interior. It’s quite something else to slide into the passenger seat. It’s just not like getting into your usual car. It feels like you’re entering the nerve centre the cockpit the HQ of this most sporty of BMWs. Under the bonnet it’s all there present and correct as you’d expect. Being a twin turbo gives this BMW a rather fine noise – especially when accelerating away from the paddock on your crazy BMW M3 ride.

Be it classic racing lines or drift corners the ride and handling of the M3 is hard to beat. In the hands of us mere mortals this car is superlative so imagine what it’s going to be like with a pro-driver at the helm. Sheer passenger heaven that’s what. If this is a drift taxi then we want to hail it.

We are offering BMW M3 rides as either drifting or high speed laps at various venues around the UK. They both give you three-miles of supreme driving courtesy of your expert host who’ll be at the wheel. And if you fancy inviting a couple of back seat passengers along (just to prove the M3 is actually a sensible four-seater saloon!) you can do!

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