Malibu Surfing in Cornwall

Surfing stand-up style is one of the most satisfying but demanding of all board sports. This surf school based at Newquay in Cornwall aims to provide the best professional coaching available in the UK for all levels from beginners to advanced surfers.

The instructors not only give you a structured lesson – which makes the most of your abilities – but they will show you some of the real essence of surfing. The coaches are also lifeguards and will be on hand at all times. You’ll start with a brief talk on ocean and beach safety followed by a beach-based warm-up and practice session before you paddle out into the waves. Then it’s time to get up on your board and ride the surf.

It may be an age-old cliche but for many surfing is not just a sport but more a way of life. It’s good for fitness builds up confidence in the water and the sheer fun of being out on the ocean watching and waiting for that perfect wave is a great buzz. But watch out surfing is an addictive sport – as you’ll soon discover. Afterwards there’s a lesson review to help you improve and give you hints and tips.

You’ll be given all the up-to-date gear so hopefully you will be riding the curl in no time like a real surf dude or dudette! Of course there are plenty of facilities nearby for family and friends. After a hard day on the surf it’s time for a beach BBQ or to try one of Newquay’s many cafes restaurants bars or clubs

Oh and don’t worry about the weather – wetsuits are provided against the cold and the instructors know exactly where to find the best and safest conditions for your level.

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