Meerkat Encounter in Kent

Get ready for a Meerkat encounter in Kent! Go behind the scenes of this family-friendly nature trail and farm centre to see what the resident Meerkats of Knockholt get up to. Experiences are hosted by the centre’s expert animal keepers who’ll tell you all about these fascinating animals.

These miniature members of the Mongoose family have certainly a massive appeal. That might also be down to a certain series of TV adverts but when you watch them in real life they really are rather cute. The ‘mob’ (that’s the collective noun for a group of Meerkats!) here in Knockholt is made up of four Meerkats and hopefully you’ll get to meet them all.

The first task is to make the Meerkats a meal. Yes you will be assisting the keepers as they prepare the food for the Meerkat clan. We won’t tell what’s on the menu as finding out what Meerkats eat is all part of the fun of these encounter experiences. But needless to say it probably won’t look like your favourite dish!

Once you’ve got the food ready it’s time to head into the Meerkat enclosure. This little gang of Meerkats are not on show to the public so you’re getting privileged access to be in the same area as them. As it’s meal time you’ll be the ones serving up so be ready to do the scatter feeding. As this is a non-contact Meerkat encounter this is a great moment to then step back a little and observe the Meerkats feeding. How they interact is fascinating and they do make funny little noises when they communicate with other.

The keepers might not be fluent in Meerkat speak but they do know these little mammals really well. As you watch the Meerkats they’ll be able to tell you all about their characters and how they live in their adoptive home of Knockholt and in their natural habitats around the world too. 

As well as your Meerkat encounter these vouchers give you access to the nature trail and all the regular activities here at Knockholt. There are daily bird flying displays in the Blueberry Arena owl handling beside the Tree of Memories and chances to see them in Christmas Tree wood. You can also say hello to the other inhabitants including rare bred pigs raccoon dogs ferrets and wallabies too.

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