Meerkat Experience East Sussex

Discover your own corner of Meerkovo here in the UK with this adorable Meerkat Experience! Get to know these furry inquisitive creatures on a one-to-one basis in the company of the centre’s expert meerkat keeper and fall in love all over again with these cute critters.

Despite not being a native species in the UK meerkats have proven to be eternally popular with animal lovers of all ages. This East Sussex adventure park has a splendid Wild Kingdom area that is home to several nimble lively meerkats and these experiences give you the chance to get up close and learn about their individual and lovable personalities.

On the day of your visit the experienced meerkat trainer will lead you right inside the enclosure where you’ll be invited to take a seat ready to watch what unfolds.

The stars of the show are Tandia and Tyrian along with the rest of their family. Meerkats are naturally very curious and are often keen to get to know their visitors so don’t surprised if one comes right up to you and decides to explore. Even if they keep their distance you’re bound to see them standing on their hind legs looking over towards you in that classic meerkat pose so make sure you bring your camera!

Each meerkat experience in East Sussex is offered on a one-to-one basis to give you a truly memorable visit but you can invite up to two spectators to watch and capture on film the goings on from the other side of the enclosure. The keeper will also give you interesting facts and information about meerkats in general as well as more specific details of the two you’ll be working with making comparing these meerkats (excuse the pun!) adorably easy.

These behind-the-scenes sessions make fantastic gifts for animal lovers and you only have to look at these bright-eyed bundles of fur to fall in love. Why not treat yourself or someone special to one of our unforgettable meerkat experiences and mark that occasion with a day to remember?

Spending time with the meerkats is just one of many exciting experiences that are on offer so be sure to check out the great choice of IntotheBlue experience days we have available. Simples!

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