Meet the Meerkats for Two Oxfordshire

Step inside the world of the Meerkat on this experience in Oxfordshire! Meet the Millets Farm Meerkats watch them play learn all about their lives and even feed them. These furry-filled fun Meerkat days are perfect for Meerkat fans from 10 years old.

Tom and Ginger are the alpha pair of Meerkats. That’s to say they are head of the Meerkat family here in Oxfordshire. They live in a large enclosure filled with tunnels and places where they can go foraging. For the humans coming to visit it’s a walk-through enclosure. But on these Meerkat experience days you’re VIP guests so you get to go inside with the adorable Meerkat family.

Meerkats could teach us a thing or two about family life. They are very much family-orientated living in ‘gangs’ or ‘mobs’ of up to 50 in the wild which are made up of parents siblings and extended family. They take it turns to be the sentry (where they stand on their hind legs) on the constant lookout for predators or any danger. Whilst grown ups are off getting food others stay back and babysit the young pups. And the adolescents? They get to play all day.

As you’ll see the resident Meerkats at Millets Farm are very much enjoying family life. They’re every bit as inquisitive and cute as you imagine. These Meerkats are used to humans hanging out with them and they’re always up for humans visiting them. And if you bring them food you’ll be their very best buddy.

So for this meet the Meerkat day in Oxfordshire you will be given a feeding bowl. Well when they say you feed them it’s more a case of the Meerkats descending on you to eat. They won’t need any encouragement at all to come to you and feed on the goodies in your bowl. This all means you really get up and close to the gorgeous Meerkats and you have loads of opportunity take photos too. One of the Millets Farm animal keepers will be with you at all times and will also give a fascinating talk into the lives of these amazing creatures.

All those taking part on the Meerkat experience in Oxfordshire get free entrance to the farm for the day so you can have a wander enjoy seeing the other animals and make the most of the neighbouring attractions at Millets Farm Shop and Garden Centre too.

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