Mini Cooper S Prodrive Rally

Get ready to drive a small but perfectly formed Mini Cooper rally car! OK the minis aren’t actually as little as they used to be in Charlie Croker’s time but these modern Cooper S versions certainly pack a serious punch. There’s even a wee bit of rally spirit to these Mini cars so looks like you’ll be having serious fun out there.

The Mini Cooper S Prodrive is an all wheel drive version of the Mini that was developed in partnership with Prodrive. And if that name sounds familiar that’s because its the motorsport company that was behind the Subaru and Mini John Cooper Works WRC cars. So there’s a certain rally driving heritage to these Minis that you’re going to love.

Known as the ALL4 these four wheel drive miniature-ish motors are great to drive. Nippy responsive and pretty fast out of the stocks too. And with all that traction under your tyres you’ll find you can really push yourself and the car to the limits on this all-gravel stage. Purpose-built in the midst of Essex farmland near Saffron Walden it’s pretty much miles from anywhere so your tyre screeching won’t disturb anyone but the crops growing at the side of the course.

And what a course it is. Three miles long and designed by pro rally drivers so it’s pretty cool to drive. Your aim is to guide the Mini Cooper around the rally circuit deftly negotiating the cones to go in-between them and not over them all whilst getting as much dust flying as you can. We love the big loop at the far end of the track that gives you enough space to do a nice drift if you’re that way inclined!

For these Mini Cooper rally sessions you’ll benefit from a pre-drive classroom briefing as well as in-car tuition. This will be from an experienced rally driver who’ll show you how to drive the Mini like you’re in a WRC stage. We highly recommend going for the hotlap add-on as well – it’ll show you just how hard these Mini rally cars can be pushed!

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