Mini Tanks Hampshire

Mini tank driving for kids might well be small but you don’t have to be little to enjoy it! Much loved by kids and adults alike driving mini tanks is an experience that will have you grinning from ear to ear and we defy you not to say ‘Want one!’ when you finish your session!

Definitely miniature in stature but more than just a little bit plucky these are fully-tracked one-man machines that’ll pretty much go anywhere. Unlike their full-sized Army serving cousins these baby monsters only have room for one and you’ll probably have your head and shoulders poking out of the hatch as you drive which makes the task all the more difficult as you can’t see what your hands and feet are doing!

As for where you’ll actually driving these scaled-down tanks you will be on a purpose-built track in Eversley in the heart of Hampshire. Expect lots of mud and tricky skid-steer manoeuvres as you negotiate your way on these twisting and winding trails in amongst the trees.

Seeing as these experiences are a lot more fun when done as part of a group we are selling vouchers for up to eight participants and up to 12 participants. On average four would-be tank drivers share a mini mover so there may be two or three of them out on the grounds at any one time depending on how many are in your group.

Before leaping aboard and lurching off into the distance there’s a comprehensive ground briefing at base camp as once you’re off you’ll be out on your own in these mini tanks so the organisers will need to know you’ll be competent enough to take the track on by yourself.  And remember they may be miniature tanks but it’s maximum fun!

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Mini Tanks Hampshire
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