Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Rally

Grab yourself a bit of Mitsubishi rally madness and take a fully rally prepped Evo for a spin on some of the most authentic special stages going! If you like your wheel spinning and handbrake turns you’ll love this activity. Time to grapple for some grip!

Available at three different venues around the UK the stages might all be different but there’s one thing that’s not going to change and that’s the car. You will be driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Yes it was mass produced as a rather dull looking saloon car but the hatchback rally version is in a completely different league.

This car rocks. Fact. The star of the World Rally Championships (WRC) for many a year the Evo versions of the Lancer are always synonymous with cracking handling wicked braking and amazing acceleration which we think you’ll agree is the perfect combination for a successful rallying vehicle.

Every rally driver needs a co-pilot and yours will be one of the experts from this very active motorsport team that organises and hosts these rally days. The co-pilot reads the pace notes and this is when you hear things like ‘From start 100 metres straight to a keep left severity 2 50 metres jumps (caution!) into immediate right hand bend severity 2’. However concentrating on the rallying lingo and keeping this frisky Mitsubishi on the track at the same time would be a bit tricky so expect your instructions be along the lines of ‘Brake hard into the corner progressive on the gas change gear!’

It’s also pretty noisy in a proper rally car (there’s none of that refinery like rear seats or arm rests to soften the rattling sounds!) so as you’re hooning it around the stage snug in the driver’s seat in your rally harness you’ll use an intercom that’s integrated into your face helmet to communicate – just like a real set up!

If you go for the intro Mitsubishi rally experience you’ll devour two sessions at the wheel of the Lancer Evolution at your choice from the three rally venues featured. Those on the half day will enjoy a third outing so you can perfect those rallying skills and maybe even get the Evo powersliding on your timed flying lap!

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