Monster Truck Passenger Ride

On this Monster Truck experience day you will be riding high in one of the biggest monster trucks the UK’s ever seen! You will be a passenger in a full American-spec truck that will growl its way around the arena showing you just what it’s capable of.

The star of the show here at this driving ground near East Grinstead in West Sussex is Grizzly. He’s massive. Based on a Chevrolet Silverado truck this monster has been bespoke manufactured in the UK and literally stands head and shoulders above any other vehicle on the market.  The wheels alone are 5ft 6″ high and each of the two axles on this thing weighs the same as a standard hatchback.

This is one of the only places in the UK where you can ride in a real life monster truck. You and up to seven other excited passengers will clamber aboard (yes it involves a ladder!) into the cab and get settled in the specially constructed rear seats. Ignition on you’ll feel and hear the rumble of the enormous 7.8l V8 engine as she roars into life ready to roll on this fabulous passenger ride.

It’s definitely a case of US meets the UK with this monster truck as he boasts a bright red hand-sprayed livery complete with airbrushed grizzly bears on the side and door panels for that extra wild finish. And yes before your ride they’ll be plenty of time to take those photos of you standing next to the tyres looking really really small!

The ride itself is a thrilling 15 minutes as you go powering around the circuit here in East Grinstead. You’ll feel really high up inside the truck and as the petrol-guzzling Grizzly monster thunders over bumps up hills and down slopes the view is like nothing else you’ll have experienced anywhere in the UK.

After burning up the fuel around the mud-packed route comes the finale to this amazing ride. In a show of his monster-sized strength Grizzly will drive towards a collection of rather elderly cars…..and simply drive OVER them! Expect squeals of delight from both the young and older members of the Grizzly back seat crew and fantastic photo opportunities for friends and family watching the spectacular.

Children as young as eight years old can go on a monster truck experience so if you’re looking for a totally unique day out for all the family or a young one who’s obsessed with these oversized beasts of a truck these monster days out are perfect. And don’t forget this centre in West Sussex is the sole location in the UK offering goes in these maxi monster trucks.

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