Monthly Wine Subscription

Two bottles of the best wines couriered to you every month with this brilliant wine subscription! Whether you’re a fan of whites prefer your reds or are rather partial to both these superbly curated monthly wine subscriptions are the perfect gift for wine lovers anywhere in the country.

What makes this wine subscription unique is the way the wine is chosen. The wine experts travel many many miles with the mission of discovering the very best wines made by smaller independent producers. There’s no big factory production where grapes are gathered from many sources and mixed with nasties like sulphites. It’s all about dedicated passionate winemakers who only make wines using the grapes grown by their vines in their vineyard.

With a preference for biodynamic and organic wines the wine buyers really are seeking out the best of the best right down to checking the sustainability of each producer. For every ten vineyards visited an average of only one makes the grade. All this ensures you are getting access to superb wines many of which are made in limited quantities only. That’s what makes these subscriptions so special.

Another great part of your subscription is that fact that you have access to a monthly podcast hosted by head sommelier Kyle who’ll introduce and present each wine you are sent. You also receive tasting notes and a wine map with every monthly delivery too detailing where your wine comes from and telling you about the wine’s style and what food goes well with it.

And if you thought receiving wine by post was a tricky affair think again. Your wines will arrive in a sturdy and practical wine ‘briefcase’ that protects those precious grape juices and makes it easy for you to carry your pair of bottles too. Someone will need to be around to reception the delivery so you can select the monthly date have it sent to work and track your deliveries too.

All that remains for you to do is get the corkscrew out crack open the bottle and feel particularly indulgent as you sip your latest very special hand-picked wine that came to you by post. Appreciate those crisp flavours and do a toast to the day you got a wine subscription! Cheers!

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