Mountain Biking in The Peak District

Go on a two-wheeled adventure on these Peak District mountain biking experiences! The Peak District in Derbyshire boosts some of the very best mountain bike rides in the whole of the country. There are endless tracks and trails that offer beautiful views and a feeling of riding in the wilderness that makes these mountain biking expeditions pretty special.

One thing to make clear is that you don’t need any mountain biking experience or knowledge for these rides out. As long as you can cycle you can enjoy the Peak District on a mountain bike. These courses are also ideal if you’ve got a mountain bike but want to learn more about where and how to ride in the open countryside.

We are offering both full and half day courses with the option of bringing your own bike or using one of the centre’s hire bikes. If you use your own bike it must be suitable for the off road terrain of the Peak District with things like a minimum of 80mm front suspension good brakes (disc brakes preferably) quick release seat post clamp and suitable tyres. If you’re not sure the Peak District MTB team will check if your bike is suitable.

As for where you’ll be riding – well the world is truly your oyster around the Peak District. Ancient paths (long before mountain bikes were invented) make for superb open trails for MTBers. They are all bridleways BOATs (Bridleways Open to All Traffic) or restricted byways which means you can ride a bike on all of them.

Criss-crossing over hills moorlands down valleys and round rocky outcrops these routes which are all open to bikers are truly superb. Accompanied by expert guides you’ll learn the technique for riding uphill on your mountain bike and for hitting the descents with ease (it’s all about where you put your weight on the bike). Then there’s orientation. There are no specific mountain bike signposted routes so you’ll learn about route navigation too.

Around the Hope Valley and Hathersage area where this outdoor centre has its base there are some truly classic Peak District mountain biking trails. These full and half day MTB courses will show you the very best routes to pedal that are right on the doorstep giving you confidence and building up your mountain bike knowledge too.

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