Movie Cars for Kids

Stars of the big screen come to the track with these movie cars for kids experiences! It’s superhero and secret agents galore just for little ones as they get to drive their choice of car around a proper race track. With these drives your kids will feel like film stars in fancy cars!

We are offering this kids movie car experience at various locations around the UK. You don’t need to specify which track on buying your voucher so the lucky teen can choose where they’d most like to go. In each case the full fleet of film cars is normally available for the kids to drive at each venue and we have vouchers giving the kids one or two movie car drives.

And indeed picking which movie car or cars to drive is the tricky bit for most of the children. The Audi R8 that Tony Stark drives in the Iron Man films is just uber cool. As for Bumblebee from the Transformers what can we say? He’s an all-action Autobot who is cautious but brave. In his alternate mode he’s a very bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro packed full of all-American V8 muscle car punch. And what youngster wouldn’t want to drive a fun and fantastic film car like Bumblebee? 

With these kids movie car drives aimed specifically at 11 to 17 year olds who quite clearly won’t have a driving licence you might be wondering how keen teens get on driving this sporting and high performance cars. Well firstly your little ones are on a private track and not on the public roads. Secondly there’s an expert instructor in charge who’s well-versed in teaching youngsters to drive and finally the cars can be dual-controlled and/or automatic transmission making driving these film cars child’s play.

Whether it’s grand parents buying for the grand kids or mum and dad splashing out on the offspring these movie cars are for kids who love superheros fast cars and a bit of trackside glamour. All the lookalike cars from the films are in showroom condition and it’s a real thrill for teens to be able to slide into the driver’s seat for a change. Oh and it’s instant bragging rights at school too!

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