Mum and Daughter Superstar Singer

Create the ultimate musical bond with this Mum and Daughter Singing Experience at recording studios nationwide! Spend a few magical hours together behind the microphone and the result is sure to be one very upbeat duet that you can both take home on CD and treasure forever.

With this fantastically family-friendly aural experience mum and daughter will be singing the high notes like true professionals and will love the chance to perform together in a double-act that’s simply irreplaceable. You will be spending quality time in a recording studio and taking lead vocals on a favourite song that has a special meaning for both of you. Try a bit of Nineties retro with the Spice Girls’ ‘Mama’ to celebrate that truly special mother and daughter bond or perhaps go a little more modern with a feminine take on Robbie’s daughter-dedicated tune ‘Go Gentle’? Or simply pick out one of mum’s favourite melodies of all time. The choice is entirely yours!

While the two lucky ladies are being shown around the studio the sound team will be preparing to record and mix their chosen track add a splash of post-production magic and burn their musical creation onto a CD for the mother-daughter singing duo to take home and share with the rest of the family.

There will be ample time in the studio to be able sing at least one song so you’re guaranteed to take a memento of your special day with you when you leave. It’s up to you how you record the track – singing different sections individually or perhaps harmonising on the chorus for that touch of authentic filial affection?

This singing session makes a great gift for musically-minded mothers and their little angels alike so if you’d like to celebrate that special someone (or some two!) in your life then give them the gift of song with this mum and daughter singing experience. There’s sure to be a studio near you and you can always make this an extra-special occasion by treating yourselves to a tasty lunch or evening meal to add a little melodious sparkle to your day.

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Mum and Daughter Superstar Singer
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