‘My First Year’ Baby Photo Plan

Buy the gift of a baby photo shoot in the form of a year long photo plan with three separate studio sessions! Every child’s first 12 months sees some of the fastest and biggest changes of their lives. The Capture My First Year Portrait Experience lets you record that special journey through a series of images you’ll cherish forever.

Each photo shoot for your newborn baby will usually be scheduled at three month intervals typically 4 8 and 12 months old so you can capture their progress. From that first smile and gurgle to their first tooth coming through crawling and maybe even walking – all those important stages will be captured on film.

All baby shoot packages includes three complimentary 5″ x 7″ photos in total (that’s one selected pic per session) to form a permanent reminder of baby’s first year. And what’s more as there are baby photo shoot studios throughout the UK. It really doesn’t matter where you live there will be a studio near you so you won’t have to drag little one (and all the paraphernalia that you need when going anywhere with a baby) very far!

During each photo session your experienced baby photographer will use a selection of backgrounds music and props to create a series of images just for you. The props are designed for use with babies and young children allowing them to easily and safely photograph even the tiniest of newborn babies.

For those nice intimate photographs you are welcome to bring along your own items to the shoot too such as baby’s favourite teddy. Family members can be included in the sittings however baby is the main focus of the shoot.

An appointment to view the results of your baby photo shoot will be arranged approximately two weeks after each portrait session although some studios may offer instant viewing facilities. Here you can choose your complimentary portrait photo from the shoot and order any additional shots you’ve fallen in love with from your baby’s photoshoot – and there are sure to be some really gorgeous images to choose from!

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